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Techno Subrat is a Blog for all the newbies and learners who are new in Digital Marketing and Blogging.

Technosubrat provided you the latest and tested information about –

Blogging, SEO, WordPress, Adsense, WordPress plugins, Blogger templates, WordPress themes, Link Building, Social Media & many more.

It is a place for people who want to master digital marketing and want to make a living out of it.

About Author & Founder❓

Hello Guys, My name is Subrat Kumar Patnaik, Passionate about Digital Marketing. 

I am in Digital Marketing since 2017.

In March 2017, I started Learning in E-commerce Business Module. 

Such As Amazon, Flipkart & Woocommerce Business Module & I continued to Learn till Jan 2018.

After Few Days, I got a freelancer job related to the E-commerce Platform.

In fab 2018, I got a freelancer job at that time, And these New startup Comapnys provided me a lack of knowledge about E-commerce Business with a monthly salary of 5000rs.

Then I continue working with these companies till the end of 2019 as a freelancer.

Due to some issues, I lost my job.

But this time, I already learn primary things. 

Then I start Clint hunting online & I do work at a low price.

But I earn a small amount & find many platforms like Youtube, Google & Bing, etc. ”How to earn money online.”

Once a day, When I read an article on “how to earn money online,” I see the blogging Word. 

After Few days, I start to research Blogging words & Learn Many different things. 

But when I implement these works on the client website, I gain a lack of knowledge.

In fab 2020, I start my own website & write 10 to 15 articles, but this website does not work properly.

Because I don’t have enough knowledge on technical activities & many things such as robots.txt, etc.

Then I start to learn Technical activities. 

Friends, I will tell you the truth about Blogging.

70% Deepands on technical activities in blogging Platforms.

I was a beginner at that time. And I am just focusing on earning money through Blogging as soon as possible.

Then I realize that doing Blogging to earn money will not quickly work.

The thing which will work here is patience.

After failing much time, I decided to learn more about Blogging.

Then, I watched many youtube videos and read many articles related to digital marketing, blogging, Seo.

After getting enough knowledge, I have started this blog named TechnoSubrat.

And, this is working now because this time I have experience and patience also.

That all about me.

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