How To Make Money Blogging (The Practical Guide for 2021)

Nowadays, every person using a smartphone & always connect with the internet. 70% of people search on google new topics.

If you always connect with the internet, then I am sure you listen to the Blog word.

Let us get started.

What is Blog?

Friends When you want to know anything, then you immediately go to google & search here anything.

It’s anything called in internet language is Keywords.

Whenever you type any keywords in the Google Search engine, you see Many results on many websites And you all visit any website & you got your answers.

Still, you don’t know who provides your answer: – google already add her dictionary that’s the website show your answer.

When you search for any keywords, google suddenly finds which website writes your answer & show you.

That’s a website called Blog.

Qualification – ( if you fail or pass in 10th class doesn’t matter. you can start quickly.)

Same Term:

How to start blog in Free?

If you are thinking of starting a free blog, then don’t worry, you can start a free Blog, but you want one domain.

You all quickly buy domains at a low price.

Buy Domain with Cheap price – GODADDY.COM  

Open your account in BLOGGER.COM, then Easily connect your domain name with the Server.

If you have any doubt about how to connect, then search on YouTube.

Now all off confuse for how to find Good Topic.

Listen, use your regular thought & think about what people are daily searching in google & you have brief knowledge in the same topic.

Otherwise you first gain some knowledge any particular niche & describe it your language & don’t try to copy another website.

Best popular topic (ex-health, technology, gym) & if you have in-depth knowledge of this topic, you can go for it.

Otherwise, try a different topic/niche.  

If you think to start a blog in technology Niche, then write in sample paper, how many topics you know very well in the same category. 

(find min 45 keywords to max 70 keywords) if you found then start a blog.

What is Blog images

How to write a blog?

First, search your keywords in google,

Then you see the top ten Websites in SERP (Search engine results pages), now open one by one website same articles & check deeply.

Suppose you write an article on Best Group SEO tools;

first, feel you are a reader & the requirement in your article the reader. (you got my point)

Watch some websites article what was the website value provides for viewers.

Now you write your Blog in your language. ( don’t try to copy )

What is Blog in SEO. 

 SEO (Search engine optimization) is work for YouTube, Blog Ecommerce Website etc etc.

Friends SEO gives you a chance to rank your Blog free on SERP.

It’s no magic when you apply then suddenly rank your website on the first page. 

It is possible, but if you have patience, then continue to write an article after few months then automatically rank your Blog.

When someone searches on google Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List

Google showing you the already indexed blog.

Google index your Blog but depending on googles many factor.

If you follow the write process then your blog will be indexed min 24hours to max 168hours.

When you write a blog, then you use many words that have called keywords.

The first google bots check your Blog which keywords you write match with your Blog or not.

I will tell you the truth. Rank your Blog in Google’s first SERP; it is not so far easy.

But possible if you follow some factor.  

How to Earn money in blogging.

You can earn money in blogging Many ways, But 80% of people dream of earning in Google adsense.

I am sure 99% of People see some Ads on Facebook, blogs, YouTube & Many more social media Platform. 

Simply I will tell you when people click these ads, then blogger generate income on thier own websites.

My suggestion to you, if you think of starting a blog, then please don’t follow google AdSense.

When you write 50+ Blog with SEO, then apply for google adsense.  

What is Blog commenting?

 Blog commenting is one factor of SEO 

I think you see many times people replaying in some article comment box & mention their website link.

Otherwise, Like – Read more anything; when people click this tab, they redirected to their website.

But that’s a link google called Backlink.

  Backlink are two types: – 

  1. Do-Follow Backlink.
  2. No-Follow Backlink.

 Do-Follow Backlink –  Do-follow Backlink means When you comment in another website’s comment box.

Still, the website owner mentioned your comment; then you got Do-follow Backlink.

That’s called Do-follow Backlink.

No, Follow Backlink –  No-follow Backlink means When you comment in another website’s comment box. 

Still, the website owner not mentioned your comment, then you got No-follow Backlink.

That’s called No-follow Backlink.  

90% chance people give you No-follow Backlink because they don’t know which type of content you publish in your Blog.  

What is blog submission in SEO?

Blog submission means when you write the Blog entirely & publish it.

But the crawler doesn’t know when you publish the article. 

When you submit your recently published blog link to a different submission site, 

Then 80% chance to speed indexing your Blog in google.     

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I Hope friends you liked this What is Blog & how to Make money for free? (7 Tips) will give start your own blogging carrier.
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